Protection Candle - Limited Edition

Northwest Island Botanicals

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Introducing our exquisite Protection Candle - Limited Edition, handcrafted with the finest natural soy wax. Infused with the organic essences of Clary Sage, Frankincense, and Myrrh Essential Oils, this candle is specifically designed to shield you from negative energies and promote a peaceful atmosphere.

The amalgamation of Clary Sage with this candle serves a significant purpose. With its unique properties, it gently opens the third eye, allowing for profound channeling and divination experiences. As you embark on a spiritual journey, Clary Sage grants you the clarity and insight needed to navigate the mystical realms.

Another integral ingredient in our Protection Candle is the renowned Frankincense. Revered for centuries in spiritual and religious ceremonies, Frankincense provides an array of benefits. It offers unmatched protection against malevolent forces while purifying your surroundings. Moreover, this sacred essence heightens spiritual awareness, bringing you closer to your inner self.

Adorning our Protection Candle are delicate embellishments of Dragons Blood Resin, Frankincense Resin, and Dried White Sage leaves. Dragons Blood, a mystical resin entwined with deep-rooted magic, fills the air with an aura of love, strength, and purification. This enchanting resin has been historically cherished for its guarding properties, safeguarding you from negative influences and instilling an empowering sense of strength.

The inclusion of White Sage leaves further reinforces the protective nature of our candle. Known for its cleansing and purification abilities, White Sage clears away spiritual impurities, imbuing your space with positive energies. By inviting protection and healing, this sacred herb creates a harmonious environment in which you can thrive.

Completing the divine composition is the captivating essence of Myrrh. Advocating for a profound spiritual connection, Myrrh symbolizes the eternal spirit that unites heaven and Earth. By awakening your awareness of the higher self, this aromatic resin facilitates cleansing, healing, and spiritual growth.

Embrace the infinite potential of our Protection Candle - Limited Edition, and experience the transformative power of these meticulously selected ingredients. Crafted with love and care, this 8oz candle provides an enchanting means to clear negative energy, attain spiritual protection, and nurture your inner well-being. Illuminate your surroundings and embark on a journey of spiritual enlightenment and tranquility with our extraordinary Protection Candle.
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