Sacred Smoke for Cleansing Herbal Blend

Northwest Island Botanicals

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Experience the power of Cleansing, Protection, Intuition, and Healing Energy with our Sacred Smoke for Cleansing Herbal Blend. Made with organic mugwort, organic white sage, and organic lavender, this powerful blend is designed to help you cleanse negative energy and welcome in healing energy.

To use, simply burn these sacred herbs in a fireproof bowl and waft the smoke around your home or person to purify and protect. Allow the soothing scent to create a harmonious atmosphere, promoting happiness and well-being.

This 4oz herbal blend is not a tea and is intended for ritual or meditational use only. Do not ingest the smoke and never leave unattended while burning. Embrace the ancient tradition of smudging and let the Sacred Smoke for Cleansing Herbal Blend elevate your spiritual practice.
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